The Silva Life & Intuition System Immersion Experience

What will you learn?

A Silva Life and Intuition Immersion Seminar is not the typical everyday, personal development, motivational seminar that promises instant enlightenment or a quick fix. The Silva Method actually gives you a STEP-BY-STEP, proven process and framework that allows you to find that place of calm, practice and master the skill of taking charge of your life and creating the life you desire. This LIVE four day immersive seminar combines both the Silva Life System and Silva Intuition System PLUS unmatched support so that you have all of the tools you need to continue to incorporate practice into your everyday life and achieve continued success. Based on more than four decades of mind and brain research, The Silva Method is a reliable way to make more use of the amazing untapped skills of your mind. All you need to do is enjoy applying and practicing the tools you develop in the seminar for 5 to 15 minutes per day.

The Silva Life System - Life Transforming Techniques That Made Us Famous

The Alpha Level & The Power of Your Mind

The Silva Life System holds the secret of unleashing the Power of Your Mind and the ability to function consciously at the Alpha level.

The yogis, gurus, masters and enlightened ones know this -Alpha is the level for: Healing, Intuition, Creative Manifestation & Heightened Empathy

The Long Relaxation Exercise

Develop the skill of achieving a deep state of physical and mental relaxation in a matter of moments. This is proven to be effective to stay calm and focused no matter where you are at in your day, year or life. The health benefits of controlled relaxation have been documented in countless University studies.

Mental House Cleaning

Self - Talk has been repeatedly shown to have a profound influence on your ability to control emotions and manage stress. Stuff happens and yet what you say to yourself in times of difficulty is the sole determinant of your success. This is an excellent technique that will help you to stay positive, hopeful and optimistic in challenging times.

Three Fingers Technique

Learn how to thrive better and better in a world plagued with information overload. Learn how to speed learn with the 3 FINGER TECHNIQUE and achieve creative solutions through our visualization and imagination techniques.

Alpha Breaks

Manage your energy and enjoy Alpha Breaks to revitalize and rejuvenate after a tough day, long road trips or journeys and gain more energy.

Sleep Control & Dream Control Technique

Sleep Control technique will help you .to sleep like baby. . .anytime, anywhere without the use of the drugs.

In Dream Control technique you will experience how to use and tap into your dreams to help problem solve and fulfill your dreams! You will go through the step-by-step guide to utilizing your dreams to solve problems and overcome obstacles.

Mirror of the Mind

Master the Law Of Attraction with Mirror Of The Mind: This technique alone is more than worth the price of admission. You will learn the technology and art of manifesting what you want. Mental Rehearsal skills for improvement in any area of interest such as; sales performance, reducing performance anxiety, eliminating fears and phobias and enhancing a relationship.

Habit Control

Learn habit control to achieve wellness goals and to address healthy eating goals or eliminate smoking, drinking, gambling or even other small niggling annoying habits with our mental exercises.

The Laboratory & Counselors Concept

You will learn creative problem solving, as you learn to tune in to your higher self.

Accelerated Healing

Learn healing acceleration techniques and Glove Anesthesia to overcome gout, migraines and even cancer.

Enhanced Intuition

Focus Everyday Intuition To Enhance "Good Luck": Develop the art of being in the right place at the right time more consistently.

Navigate the challenges of social life situations with enhanced intuition, giving you better interpersonal relations.

Already enjoy the benefits of a meditation practice?

The Silva Life System teaches you Dynamic Meditation to get more from your meditation than just a way to relax and feel connected. Learn step-by-step dynamic mediation techniques to help you create more in your family, career, job, sports, ambitions, life goals and social causes. The Silva Life System helps you to implement life-changing principles and techniques that through daily practice (this is not a quick fix) can produce practical and life-changing results.

LIVE In-Person Classes Now Available

with Amy in Atlanta

September 22-25, 2022

In Person!

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Silva Life & Intuition 4-Day Immersion Experience


The Silva Intuition System - (also known as the Jose Silva Ultramind ESP System)

Continue to Learn Dynamic Meditation

First, we train you to reach your Alpha Level of Mind. This is a deep level of consciousness that people achieve during meditation. The Alpha level is associated with intuition and ESP.

Develop Your Powers of Healing & Focused Intuition

Once you learn to meditate, we teach you to tap into your Intuition.You will experience undeniable evidence of your own Intuition by Day 2. This is an incredibly powerful and emotional moment for many of our graduates.

You will be given names and locations of random people unknown to you and you will receive information on them and their state of health through intuition.

You will then be trained to use distant healing to help these people accelerate their rate of recovery. (Distant healing has been proven to be a scientific fact in the last decade).

We guarantee you will experience this or at the end of the immersion, you may ask for a refund. You be the judge. You will learn to use this ability to make important decisions in life. Are you in the right job? Are you with the right person? Should you make a career move? Imagine having intuition that can always help you make the right decision and point you towards your mission in life.

Use Your Mind to Develop Positive Coincidences

Once you learn your mission in life and get on the right path we will teach you powerful visualization techniques to solve any kind of problem you may face in life that keeps you from this mission.

Graduates have reported being able to accelerate healing and amaze their doctors. Salesmen have reported dramatic increase in their commissions.

Others have reported meeting their soul-mates or being able to strengthen troubled relationships.

Many more have reported being able to achieve dreams and goals with surprising ease. (Many of these stories are detailed in our testimonials section).

Learn One of the Most Powerful Silva Techniques...


The Holoviewing Technique - Nothing you've read comes close to this amazing technique.

Program your mind to tap into higher consciousness while you sleep to bring you answers to complex problems and provide you with guidance in life. You see this guidance as dreams, ideas that pop into your head or physical coincidences in the form of meaningful signs.

In addition to the time tested proven methodology to help you awaken, develop and focus your intuition, you will develop and experience several new dynamic meditations -the Droplets Of Source Energy, Connection To Purpose, and Planting The Seeds Of Purpose.

Understand Your Purpose

We use the HoloViewing Technique to energetically attract Universal Source Energy to manifest in accordance to our solution images or better. This opens us up to receiving guidance, manifest our goals and achieve our mission and purpose in life.

Finally, the secret art of Subjective Influencing has been uncovered to help you understand your purpose in today's circumstances, and connect you to the universe to recreate a life you love.

Experience Unquestionable Proof

The Silva Intuition System trains you to use your mind to such a powerful extent that within a couple of days you are able to demonstrate Intuition and influence healing in others. You actually experience for yourself unquestionable proof of your newly developed ability to access concrete, tangible information with a degree of accuracy that goes beyond anything you ever imagined to be possible. It is a life transforming experience of changing limiting beliefs. And you do this repeatedly up to 10 times.

To use your mind to encourage healing, or to manifest coincidences - you must first be sure that what you're aiming for lies within your purpose -

The Silva Intuition System training is designed to do just this.

What You Will Learn

  • To Find Your Life's Purpose
  • To Establish a constant connection with Source Energy
  • To Enhance Your Intuition

The Benefits

  • Live a life with purpose
  • Fulfill your mission on earth
  • Function as multidimensional beings
  • Make wise choices and decisions
  • Solve problems for you and others

LIVE In-Person Classes Now Available

with Amy in Atlanta

September 22-25, 2022

In Person!

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Silva Life & Intuition 4-Day Immersion Experience

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