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Backed by Four Decades of Research

Your Goals

Achieving Your Goals & Creative Problem Solving

The late Jose Silva is the creator of The Silva Method who dedicated his life to awakening the mind’s hidden potential. Jose Silva will indeed go down in history, as one of the pioneers who started it all.

Long before the mind-body connection became mainstream, Jose Silva was already teaching it to those searching for more meaning.


Mind science research has suggested that the key to most of the things we want in life, whether it’s abundance, career success, health, happiness or enlightenment, lies in a particular state of mind.


Achieving what you want out of life requires you to first know what you want! Then comes the challenge of staying focused, positive and motivated – a quality called DYNAMIC FOCUS.

We create what we focus on. By learning to focus on your goals, you will become more positive, directed and in the flow. You will more easily be able to leap over obstacles on your path.


Make Your Own Path

Free Yourself from Negative Beliefs and Behaviors

Make Better Decisions

Make Better Decisions and Recognize Your Opportunities

Accelerate Healing

Learn to Naturally Accelerate Your Body's Rate of Healing

Rewire your brain for success.

Any message repeated often enough, especially during childhood, forms the seeds of deep-rooted beliefs. From infancy, we have all been unconsciously “programmed” by our parents, teachers, siblings, the media and society, mostly with good intentions but bad results.

The Silva Method was created to free us of these negative beliefs and behaviors.


Access your creativity and intuition.

Making the most of opportunities also means recognizing them for what they are.

Imagine having such a keen sense of intuition, so well developed, that you could reliably and regularly tap into its source.

Would this type of ability have helped you make better decisions in the past?


Jose Silva firmly believed that the mind is the driving force behind ALL healing.

In the Silva 4 Day Immersion, you will learn a variety of mental visualization methods designed to accelerate your mind and body’s natural capacity for physical and emotional healing. These results have been studied and endorsed by a variety of medical practitioners.


Boost Your Creativity

Think Big!

Think Big & Attain Powerful Goals

Sports & Career

Performance Enhancement for Sports & Career

Studies show that creativity is enhanced when functioning at the Alpha level.

During the 4 Day Immersion Experience, you will learn how to enter the Alpha level at will. Then you’ll learn to use your creative mind to help you think of solutions to problems, enhance creativity or let inspiration flow.

The Silva Method is more than a motivational self-help course. Motivational self-help courses leave you on a high for a few days but people often revert to their old ways after several weeks.

Not so with Silva.

Studies have shown that the Silva programs lead to you becoming permanently more self-assured and positive. But most of all, you learn to think bigger, set higher goals and seek to achieve things that contribute to humanity.

Many world-class athletes use the principles of The Silva Method to visualize their desired outcomes, improve focus and keep their minds and bodies in optimal condition. Silva has an especially huge following in sports that encourage a mind-body approach to physical excellence.

With the Silva Life & Intuition System, you learn to practice such mental rehearsals. The results can be very significant.

Sleep Better

Sleep Better & Learn to Practice Creative Dreaming

Intuition & ESP

Everyone is Born with Intuitive Abilities

How Is The Silva Method Different?

Silva teaches you to “command” your mind to let you fall asleep when you choose to.

It also shows you how to set your internal clock to be able to wake up anytime—without the use of an alarm clock.

Imagine how much productivity and energy you will gain by always having a good night’s rest.


Silva recognizes that everyone is born with intuitive abilities.  And that anyone who learns how to manifest these abilities can function at a highly intuitive level.

Through our proprietary scientific and time-tested process, you’ll learn how to use your built in psychic and intuitive abilities in everyday life.  You’ll learn to use your “gut feeling” for a happier, more successful and more enlightened life.

Other mind development or motivational training is great at telling you the importance of optimism and staying focused and positive.

The Silva Method actually gives you a STEP-BY-STEP, proven process for mastering this skill.

Based on more than four decades of brain research, The Silva Method is a reliable way to make more use of the amazing untapped skills of your mind.


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